PowerForm Selection

Optimised crane design
The high breaking load to size relationship can allow crane manufacturers to optimise the design of crane components such as the winch drum and sheaves whilst still complying with international crane design standards.

Long life
Laboratory fatigue testing indicates that it is possible to achieve up to two times normal rope life when comparing a Powerform" rope with a conventional rope of equivalent construction.

Greater resistance to crushing in multi-layer coiling situations
Powerform® ropes are recommended for all multi-layer coiling situations where crushing on lower layers is inevitable. The more solid cross section of the Powerform" rope offers much greater resistance to this type of damage.

More effective resistance to crushing at crossover points
Because of the higher steel fill factor Powerform" ropes offer much better resistance to crushing damage at crossover points on the winch drum.

Greater resistance to "Interference" at the drum
Abrasive wear between adjacent laps of rope which is normally most severe where the rope moves on and off the drum can be minimised by using a Powerform* rope.

Reduced wear on sheaves
The smooth exterior of the Powerform" rope can lead to reduced abrasive wear on both the sheave and rope.

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