PowerForm Compacted Rope

A Powerform® compacted rope is a steel wire rope which has been manufactured using individually compacted strands.During the compaction process the outside diameter of the strand is reduced and steel moves into the empty voids between the wires within the strand. The forming process also produces a very smooth exterior strand surface.

The resultant rope has a very high steel fill factor and consequently a relatively high minimum breaking force for any given diameter when compared with a conventional rope.

The compacted strand has very favourable internal contact conditions when compared with the point contact of round wires within a normal strand.

Exterior contact conditions are equally favourable. The smooth surface of the compacted rope offers a wider bearing surface to the sheave or drum groove.

Inter strand contact and contact between adjacent laps of rope on the winch drum is also improved.

Usha Martin compacted ropes are referred to as "Powerform®" and are available in a number u constructions.

compacted ropes characteristics simply stated

  • Increased breaking force
  • Increased performance
  • Improved characteristics
    • Improved wear resistance
    • Improved crushing resistance
    • Improved Bend Fatigue resistance
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