Elevator Rope

No other application of steel wire ropes demands such close manufacturing tolerances and such high quality in Materials as the elevator industry. No other industry demands such high safely factors. These ropes are designed to satisfy most OEM specifications and are available for main suspension, governor and compensating duties.

Tensile grade
SSingle Tensile 1570 or Dual tensile 1370 (outer) / 1770 (inner) (other grades are available on request)

Wire Surface
Bright or Galvanised. ( If not specified bright will be supplied )

Rope Core
Fibre - Sisal Fibre or otherwise as specified steel - CWR (IWRC)

Ironside 60 / Nyrosten T55 or customer specified lubrication confirming to ISO 4346

Rope usage
Hoist ropes ( suspension ropes), compensating ropes, Governor ropes

Governor Ropes
6x19 Classification + Fibre core (CFN)

Governor Ropes
8x19 S+ Fibre core (CFN)

Hoist & Compensating Ropes
6x19 classification + Fibre core (CFN)

Hoist & Compensating Ropes
8 x 19 S+ Fibre core (CFN)

Hoist & Compensating Ropes
8 x 19 S+ IWRC (8 x 7 + CF)

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